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The Southern Africa Muscle & Health Magazine was launched online March 2019 covering the Southern Africa IFBB news, events, articles, and dates for competitions.  Southern Africa athletes and Elite Pro Athletes will feature in this magazine and connect with their local fans.
When you purchase the Southern Africa Muscle & Health Magazine you will automatically receive the full international magazine content to enjoy and explore online.



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What will you find in Muscle & Health?
Muscle And Health Magazine Contact

Muscle & Health – IFBB’s official magazine for the athlete by the athlete.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), founded in 1946 by Joe and Ben Weider and lead by IFBB President Dr Rafael Santonja has always been the leader in the promotion of bodybuilding and fitness.
The IFBB is currently affiliated to 197 National Federations worldwide, which makes it one of the largest international sports federations in the world.
The IFBB organizes more than 2000 local, national, regional and continental events yearly, including the prestigious IFBB European Championships.
As the IFBB and President Dr Rafael Santonja are always looking for ways to improve the sport on stage and off the stage, sometimes you must take a step back… but in a positive way! You must look back and see where the athletes wanted to see themselves promoted. Athletes will always talk about an article or feature about themselves that featured on a magazine.
With today’s technology, any person or athlete can get whatever information they need just by turning on their computer or using a mobile device.
The written word in a magazine has been declining in the past number of years and some of the top magazines that promote the sport of bodybuilding and fitness have been closed or downsized drastically.
But Dr Rafael Santonja and the IFBB do not see it this way. When you talk to older athletes and the younger generation of athletes, they still get overly excited when you talk about having a feature in a magazine or a cover photo.
There is something about a magazine that nothing can replace and the IFBB wants to offer this to their athletes and bring this tradition back.
The magazine will obviously not have the news updated to the minute as the internet can offer, but it will be a form of media that will have complete show coverage with space available to display the best pictures by the best photographers in the industry.
As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the IFBB organize more than 2,000 shows yearly and finally these athletes have a platform that will give them the promotion they deserve. Muscle & Health is IFBB’s new magazine that will be dedicated to the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro.
The athletes will finally have a source of information that is dedicated to them.
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