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Home Run Clash

  1. In the elimination round each batter will hit as many HR’s as possiblein 5 minutes.
  2. Top three batters will advance to the final to determine top 3 placings.
  3. A hit not clearing the fence will not count as a HR.
  4. Set outfield for men’s baseball - 85 meters.
  5. Set outfield for men’s softball - 75 meters.
  6. Set outfield for women’s softball - 65 meters.
  7. If two batters tied on HR’s, each will hit 3 pitches and batter with most HR’s wins.
  8. Baseball/Softball balls will be provided.
  9. Batters must bring their own bat and helmet, but will be inspected.
  10. Batters can invite their own pitcher of his/her choice.
  11. Catchers will be provided.
  12. Club or proper baseball and softball uniforms are compulsory.
  13. Umpire’s decision is final!
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bank details for the Home Run Clash

Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Name: Gentle Giant Promotions
Account Type: Cheque account
Account Nr: 62538103798
Branch Code: 250655
Deadline for entries and payments is on the 22 November. (because we need to make Your tshirts)
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