Sunfest Bodybuilding and Fitness Classic

Sunfest Multi Sport Festival Series was initiated and hosted by Gentle Giant Promotions in 2021 as a National and Southern Africa project, a series which will host several annual events.  The events will be in Southern Africa which also include neighbouring countries like Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, creating an opportunity and platform for different sports and art to develop and grow across the country.  This platform will be available to any sport or arts initiative with the goal to encourage participation and showcase the sport and art to a different audience, creating opportunity for federations, promoters, and organizations, but also involving South African youth and athletes to participate.

Depending on the venue and what the facility can host, the annual Sunfest Sport & Art Series will begin with, one or two sports, and then developing into a multi-sport event or festival.

Where the properties allow for a multisport event, the Sunfest Series will create activations at SA world class venues, an exhibition and a huge interest of spectators from different cultures and ages, exposing sport & art  but also creating awareness and growth.  This platform will also create an equal and fair opportunity for all anybody to try and participate.

The Sunfest Series will be the perfect opportunity for sponsors and companies to expose their brand in the form of expo to fitness enthusiast as well as families.  Events like group fitness, fun run and walk will feature, as well as exposure offered when sponsoring prizes or different sport events suitable for their requirements. All depending on what the venue and logistics allow.

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