Professional Weight Training Kinesiology (ONLY PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFIED)

Online Course: Professional Weight Training Kinesiology (ONLY PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFIED)

Essential guidelines to the most effective nutrition for athletic Performance and health.
Online Course: Professional Weight Training Kinesiology (ONLY PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFIED)

Online Course: Professional Weight Training Kinesiology

This course meets the needs of all the Personal Trainers, Coaches and athletes who want to deepen and update their knowledge in the area of Kinesiology (the study of the human movement applied to weight training) to provide a service with the best results to the clients or for self-improvements in shape and health.

The course is fully designed with short video classes which can be watched in any smartphone, tablet or computer and anywhere you want. The videos are purposefully made with short time (average 5-10 minutes each), but full of extremely valuable information which will make you an expert in Weight Training just by studying few minutes a day.


  • Hourly charge: 30 hours
  • Suitable public: Open to all interested parties, over 18 years of age (or under the authorization of the parents or guardian)
  • Language: Spanish, English
  • Certificate: Internationally recognized
An Exclusive Sneak Peek
The best way to improve your knowledge about the science behind the weight training exercises that the best athletes in the world do to achieve awesome body shapes together with amazing health benefits.
Highly efficient exercise technique explanations at your fingertips for a very low price! You are able to watch short videos with all the important scientific information necessary to perform each weight training exercise with maximum efficiency taking the greatest benefits possible from every training.

Learn the latest breakthroughs in weight training exercises. Updated scientific information has never been so easy to comprehend as it is explained in this course.

We show how to use the latest knowledge about the Human Movement in a practical way so that you can get the most out of every exercise in the weight training room.


his course was made for you
The exercises included in the course are explained in video-classes, and use nearly every piece of equipment available, allowing you to tailor workouts to each client or for yourself. Whether you’re designing a new weight training program or fine-tuning an existing one, this course will help you ensure proper technique, safety, and progressions for proven success in increasing muscle mass, strength and incredible changes in body shape.


Understanding of Anatomy is crucial for the understanding of the Human Movement. There is no way to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE on an exercise if you do not know what muscle is involved on it. The course has anatomy video-classes showing in the skeleton the position of each main muscle of the body and explaining the movement performed by each muscle, so that you can really concentrate on that specific muscle during the exercise and get the best stimulus from it.


If you want to get all the health benefits associated with weight training you also need to understand which exercises may bring high risks of injury, as an injury can directly affect your capacity to continue an exercise program and also impair your daily professional and personal activities.

There are also many risks of injury associated with poor technique, so even if you are doing one exercise that is considered safe, if you do it with poor technique it increases the possibility of an injury. The knowledge acquired in this course will make you choose the safer weight training exercises for each muscle and show you the correct technique to decrease risks of injuries to the minimum.


Kinesiology is the area of science that studies the Human Movement and Biomechanics studies the external and internal forces applied over the body during an exercise.

The course brings updated information on these two areas in very practical and easy to comprehend video-classes. Even if you never heard of this two areas before, you will be able to fully comprehend the content of each class and use this knowledge to get the most out of your weight training program.

  • Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access and an email address
  • PDF reading and document creation software in Word or PDF
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