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Jan Tana... We Look Good On You!

My intension in life has always been to help others look and feel their best. When I created Jan Tana's 35 years ago, my goal was to give everyone the Perfect Tan. If you want a beautiful Natural Looking Tan to enhance your appearance or a Dark Tan for a competition, Jan Tana is... The Winning Color!

I know I have reached my goal and I love being able to share my colorful world with you! Tanily Yours... Jan Tana

Wayne Price

  • President of Bodybuilding SA, IFBB
  • IFBB Provincial Champion
  • All Africa IFBB Bodybuilding Champion 1996
  • IFBB SA Bodybuilding Champion 1997
  • Gym owner and Personal Trainer (30 Years)

Michelle Price

  • International IFBB Judge
  • IFBB Provincial Champion
  • IFBB SA Body Fitness Champion 2011
  • IFBB Muscle Evolution Champion 2010
  • Gym owner and Personal Trainer (30 Years)

We are so proud to be the suppliers of the best international brand – Jan Tana.  Working with David and Jan Tana has been amazing and their many year of research and experience with competition tan is seen worldwide.

Competing several years and understanding the importance of looking your best on stage, we understand working with the best product and people in the world is essential to provide the best tanning service to athletes in South Africa.  After many weeks of dieting and months of training you do not want to neglect your tan or try to save money on your tan.  Not having the perfect tan on competition day could influence your placing or end result.  

We take our tanning service and Jan Tana product very serious and being the supplier in Africa, commit to not only provide the best international tanning product but also give you the best service possible.

All our agents are trained and use the original Jan Tana import products.

The new Jan Tana Natural tan is now available in South Africa.  This amazing new product will help you look and feel special on a wedding, matric dance or long planned holiday.

Please contact us or any of our friendly agents if you have questions.

You can be your best when you use the best!

Competition Tan


Product Description Skin prep

Exfoliate and prepare your skin for the best and even tan

Moisturiser  - For smooth and even skin tone

Hi-Def Colour - Night before contest colour

Ultra 1 Colour – Day of contest colour

Green Away  - Help prevent and remove green tint from skin

Glaze – Highlight and defines physique

Sponge –  For easy application and reusable



EXFOLIATE your whole body every day for 3 days before your onsite Jan Tana base coat tan.  Using the Jan Tana Skin prep will benefit the end result of your competition tan.The better you exfoliate and prepare your skin the better your tan will appear on stage

Applying the Green away before your first coat to adjust your PH level on your skin which can prevent any green tint. Use 30-60min before tanning.

HI-DEF COLOR – apply the night before show as a BASE TAN.

ULTRA 1, stage colour, final coat that should be applied 2 to 3 hours before going up on stage.  Do not use night before going on stage only day of show. This tan can also be used as competition colour for darker skin tones on the day.

GLAZE, use glaze before entering the stage to define your physique and complete the winning tan. Avoid wearing clothes after applying glaze, apply glaze 15-30 min before going up on stage.
Competition Tan | Option one
Competition Tan | Option two
Competition Tan | Option three

Natural Tan


Suitable for :

Brides, matric dances, holiday, dance competitions and sensitive skins



  1. Exfoliate and clean your skin from all cream, perfume, and deodorant.
  2. Apply Jan Tana Natural Colour the night before. Do not shower.
  3. Shower the next morning to wash excess colour of skin. Do not scrub.

Few tips:

  1. Wear open shoes and loose dark clothes after you have tanned.
  2. The colour will wash out and is easy to remove from materials.
  3. The better you exfoliate the longer your tan will last.
  4. The average time tan will last is 5 – 7 days.
  5. The TAN will appear darker as the colour develop.
  6. For Brides or for special events tan 2 days before the special day to ensure the tan is perfect after showering.    
  7. Apply or prolong tan with Natural Spray Itself if needed.            

Spray itself

(Three applications and sponge)

Tan at the Jan Tana Agent salon


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